A holiday packed with surprises in Taipei



The city of Taipei is that the capital of Taiwan. it's a fun place to spend your holidays. It's aforementioned that Taipei is one of Asia's most dynamic, comfortable and livable cities. The best time to go to this city is during the fall, when rain is lowest and also the temperature is low. Summer is the wrong season to be in Taipei because the weather is unbearably hot and sticky. From June to October, the island is at risk of typhoons and flooding, thus it's best to avoid a vacation throughout these months. However, there are plenty of tourists at this point, thus it's cheaper. December and January are best-known to be the driest months in Taipei, so for those who hate rain, this is often the time to go to.

Most international flights arrive in Taiwan Taoyuan International airport, whereas domestic flights to Taipei enter Songshan airport. low-cost flights to Taipei are usually simple to get. Flights like China Airlines and Eva Airways offers low-cost tickets to Taipei. You'll acquire cheap airfares in the month of may.

This city is that the cultural center of the country. To a traveler  it's a plethora of festivals and intriguing events to offer. One such event is that the world famous lantern festival, which has attracted media interest from everywhere. It involves the lighting of sky lanterns, supplemented by gorgeous laser displays. The view, as you'll guess, is exciting. Another festival worth witnessing is that the Ghost festival. Festivities include releasing little boats and lanterns on water in order to guide lost ghosts. Festivals like Tomb-Sweeping Day, mid autumn festival and Dragon Boat festival are also held in the town.


If you're an addict of historic structures, you must look into the Red House Theater. Each corner of the island is full of places for shopping. The eastern District contains of major shopping malls whereas the Western District includes little shopping centers. Shilin Night Market is that the most renowned and probably the most crowded night market in the town. From delicious meals to modern clothes and accessories, there's nothing that can't be found here. One of the oldest shopping areas is Ximending. The recently well-liked Xinyi District too has superb shopping venues.

The city contains a whole lot of interesting places that attract tourists. Preferred among these is Maokong Gondola, that is one of the most cost effective gondolas. Next in line is that the National Palace museum, with a desirable range of historic treasures. For the spiritual souls, there's the Long Tai Long Temple. It's usually noted because the "meeting place of the Gods". If you're looking for a laid back and rural environment, try traveling on the Ping Hsi Branch Railway Line and revel in the scenic landscape.

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